Solution 7: Work Camp

safe-city-work-camp-fire-fighter-perryThe Safe City Project proposes the construction of a new Work Camp that would be run by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department and house Shasta County inmates. This kind of “alternative jail” is not for hardened, violent criminals. These are lower-level offenders at a crossroads — one path is toward an entrenched criminal lifestyle; the other path is toward restoration. Inmates that go through a Work Camp are half as likely to return to prison as inmates through hard-wall prisons. This program provides the opportunity for inmates to learn responsibility, job skills and life skills that position them for success to be healthy citizens after their incarceration.

Call to Action:

The Sheriff’s office and the County Board of Supervisors needs to hear of any enthusiasm you have for this solution.

We have already been promised the donation of land. We would love to find an investor for the construction portion. If interested in donated, please contact us at