Solution 10: Journey Home

Journey Home

Many currently living in a transient lifestyle today never intended to live destitute and wandering. We believe a key for breaking out of the transient lifestyle is relationship; relationship makes rehabilitation possible. What if your loved one was the person away from home with no money, no job, and no social support system?

Our social service agencies and non-profits meet the needs of those who are stuck in a cycle of poverty and homelessness here in Redding, but we need more than this. We need to provide people a way back home to their family or friends.

Call to Action:

Licensed clinical therapists or social workers can contact Good News Rescue Mission to inquire about applying your skills in this project.

$180 is the cost of transportation to reunite one person with his or her family or support system.

Good News Rescue Mission has agreed to facilitate this program and is forming the details in building it.