Solution 6: Jail Annex Rennovation

We currently do not have enough jail bed space to meet our existing needs; we need more beds for criminals. The Detention Annex, able to house medium-security inmates, is closed. We propose to re-open the Detention Annex to house 65 to 80 pre-trial offenders. This Annex could be up and running for $1.3 million renovation; it would cost $2 million to operate yearly. This could be open in the next 12 months.

Call to Action:

Financially invest in the safety of our community by giving money towards this re-opening of the Detention Annex.

Construction material vendors may be able to donate materials for the remodeling project.

Please contact if interested.

Communicate with Sheriff Tom Bosenko and our County Board of Supervisors with your support of this potential solution.