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The Safe City Project is about SOLUTIONS that will reduce crime in a city. It’s about smart people deeply investing in their city so they are equipped to answer some of the toughest questions that a community could face. In 2014, the City of Redding reached a peak in frustration over rising crime. Some may have even started to believe that the problems were too big, too expensive, too complex or couldn’t be repaired because of decisions already made by others in Sacramento.

The Safe City Project brought together a team of people who would not give into resignation or hopelessness over the city that they love. They came together and invested hundreds of hours into listening to community leaders, studying the problems, researching other cities and discovering successes in cities much like theirs. They were strategic enough to think outside of the box, resilient enough to not give up when facing resistance, and committed enough to dig deeply and realistically find the best possible ideas to rebuild Redding into a safe city.

Areas of Focus

The lack of jail space in Shasta County

Residental and commercial property crimes

Homeless encampments and public space concerns

Drug and alcohol addiction connected to crime

See Top Solutions to Crime

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Core Teams

Everyone has a place to help in making the city safer!

Core Research Team

Support Research Team

Shark Tank Team

Creative Team

Community Advisors